Happy Halloween!

The week goes by so fast, and it’s Wednesday again.

So many outfits have been worn. So many thrifty finds to be shared. I’d say at least 90% of what I’m wearing was purchased second hand. The rest was on super sale.

One of the best things about the Goodwill here in Santa B. is all like items are the same price. For instance, jeans are all $6.99 no matter the brand. Dresses are $5.99 for short $9.99 for long. Sleeveless shirts $2.99, Short sleeve $3.49, long sleeve $3.99 and so on. This pricing makes for some great finds. Also, shoes are usually under $10. Now the Goodwill here is a dump in appearance compared to the fancy Goodwills in Portland, but you really get much better prices here.

My other favorite is the local thrift shop has a $2 rack that I scour when I go. I have found some amazing stuff on that rack too.

Here are a few easy ways to shop at second hand stores.


Find a store near you. Make a list of what you are looking for. This will help you from being overwhelmed.


Get to shopping. You can start anywhere you like, but here are some tips to help you navigate.


Belts, scarves and hats: These are always fun easy things to try on while thrifting. I hardly ever buy a new belt. I can always find what I need for a couple bucks while thrifting. You can find amazing silk scarves second hand. I often wear mine as swim covers, but also for hair and neck too. Vintage hats are the best way to go. If you want to buy a new wool hand crafted hat be prepared to spend a lot of money. Vintage hats at the thrift shop are so much cheaper, have character and no one else will be wearing it.


Shoes: I personally always check shoes first, but if your new to the game they can be daunting. Start from one end of the racks and make your way through to the end. Go slow. Check each shelf carefully. Look for well made and unique shoes. Look for wear marks, scuffs or tears. Make sure the condition is good. Try them on. Make sure they are comfortable and fit. Once you have finished do an inventory. Will you really wear them? Are they a good price? Then I go and do some other shopping, but before I leave I do another swoop at the racks to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Sometimes I find the best stuff the second time around with fresh eyes.


Dresses, shirts, skirts and pants: The reason these are harder to shop is because there are always large quantity of these items usually very close together. Find your size and move from one end to the other or go from small to large. I look in all sizes, because I never know what might fit or who put them in the wrong size. I take my hand and slightly move each piece so I can see it, but not a full over view. I’m looking for color, fabric, cut, print. If your new to thrifting you probably need to look closer at items to see if you like them. Take your time. Sometimes items get squished in-between others so that’s why I lightly move each piece so I don’t miss a fallen gem. If you see something you like pull it off the rack and inspect it. Look for stains, holes and smells. Check the armpits and seams. Sometimes I find something great, but upon further inspection it badly stained or ripped so back on the rack it goes. Sometimes holes and stains can be repaired or covered, but think about if it’s worth it. Also, many vintage items can smell. Check the fabric content. See if you can wash it. I mainly only buy things I know I can clean myself. WARNING body odor does not wash out!

When shopping jeans start so you can see the back pockets first. You can easily see the brand, embellishments, wash and cut that way. If a pair sparks your interest pull them off the rack. Check out the front, the rise and wash. Check for holes in the wrong places, the hems, the crotch or the bum. It they inspire you put them in your cart.


Try stuff on. If It’s and option. This will help you weed out the junk from your new vintage trunk. If upon putting an item on you giggle, squeak or sing you know you have a keeper.

I hope this guide helps. Now get out there and thrift up a storm.

Live. Love. Remember.



Look 1: Vintage Lee jeans, Portland boutique t-shirt, Vintage Bill Blass hat, Bali made shoes, Special Portland necklace.

Look 2: Vintage Carhartt overalls, vintage lace blouse, Jeffrey Campbell sandals, Special Portland necklace.

Look 3: AGB dress, Zara heels, Special Portland necklace.

Look 4: Vintage floral dress, Vintage Justin boots, Special Portland Necklace and earrings.

Look 5: Sele dress, Biz Princess top, KORS booties, Special Portland earrings.

Look 6: Lucky Brand jeans, Bebe leather jacket, Vintage heels, J.Crew t-shirt, thrifted belt, vintage hair clip, vintage wood bangle, Special Portland earrings and necklace.

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This is a really fantastic post, Heather!

Hanna added these pithy words on Oct 31 12 at 9:29 am

Awe thanks! I love me some cheap junk! Love you!

Heather added these pithy words on Oct 31 12 at 9:34 am

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