OK Friends here they are.

Photos of all the goodies I found on my after Halloween thrifting trip. It was an awesome thrill ride of a day I tell you. Racks and racks of clothes all marked $2, and all shoes marked half price. My heart sang a sweet little tune as I shopped the day away. Dresses galore! Hats for days! Jackets a plenty! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I hope you enjoy my finds.

Live. Love. Remember.


Look 1: Sequin dress, Carvela heels

Look 2: Vintage blazer, vintage dress, vintage hat, Nine West heels

Look 3: Zara dress, vintage booties

Look 4: Vintage dress, vintage blazer, vintage hat, 90’s heels

Look 5: Vintage dress, vintage hat, Kate Spade heels

Look 6: Vintage skirt, vintage hat, chambray sandals

Look 7: Vintage hat, Leonard Paris pants

Look 8: Vintage Bill Blass shirt, Banana Republic heels

Look 9: Vintage sweater

Look 10: Vintage dress, Kate Spade heels

Look 11: Vintage hat, vintage top, Almalfi booties

Look 12: Vintage  London jacket

Look 13: Vintage Mondi jacket

Vintage purse Douney & Bourke and clutch


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Comments ( 2 )

Beautiful choices! You’re a classy girl. I so want to go with you on one of those trips.

Melinda added these pithy words on Nov 06 12 at 3:34 am

I would love that! Thanks for the love! XO

Heather added these pithy words on Nov 06 12 at 8:42 am

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