I hope your weekend was wicked.

We sure had a fun long weekend. Our friends B & J came up from Long Beach to stay with us. For the 4th we BBQed, fireworked and drank. It was a successful first 4th in Santa Barbara. Yeah! Friday we lunched on strip mall Mexican food, because Steve only has an hour for lunch and we were in Goleta. Meh, we probably won’t go back there. We also did some wine tasting at Muni and ate dinner at Jane. Jane is definitely one of the best places in town! We spent Saturday in Solvang. Danish Town! Solvang is about 40 minutes north of Santa B. It’s such a cute little theme town. We drank beer, ate pastries and window shopped, and yes Steve tried on giant wooden clogs. Sunday Steve and I did the Santa Barbara art walk. We had never done that before. It’s very arts and craftsy. It was just nice to be together. Overall it looks like all we do is eat and drink, but nothing wrong with that.

Now commence with the photo montage.

Live. Love. Remember.



First group of photos from the 4th. Mr. Moggs showing his freedom pride. Me in vintage sandals and a thrifted J.Crew skirt.

Second group from the 6th in Solvang. Me wearing a vintage pineapple dress, vintage denim vest and thrifted Swedish Hasbeens. Swedish clogs in Danish town: naughty. Steve’s look rasta meets army meets space meets surfer bro. Kitty clocks, pained horses and of course i’m gonna go in a store with an everything is $1.99 sign. Perhaps our faces too up close and personal and yes I did eat that cream puff.

Third group of photos from sunday in SB. Me wearing a Prabal Gurung for Target via Goodwill, Melissa for Forever 21 jelly sandals and vintage purse. A creepy painting trying to grab me and Steve must smoke out of a giant pipe. Different day same outfit, but Teva sandals.

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You guys are so cute!! Love your creativity and fashion sense.

Melinda added these pithy words on Jul 09 13 at 12:13 pm

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