Tea Time!

Steve and I were invited to a lovely tea party last night at his coworker Emily’s house. She just came back from a work trip in China and wanted to share with us her new tea and tea set. Emily is originally from China so she taught us all sorts of fun tips. First off everything in this tea set was much smaller than we would normally use and tea time was much slower . We just want to get the biggest size and in the quickest way here, but in China tea is very special and lasts for hours. Emily taught us how we should hold our cups, smell the tea and drink the tea, and to look at it’s clarity. The service was in the Kung Fu style and we tried a mellow hydrating green tea, a royal black tea and a golden fancy black tea. She had all sorts of Chinese snacks: tea flavored pumpkin seeds, black peanuts, milk covered gummy candy, sweet pork cookies and spicy tofu jerky. The guests also brought a few treats too: cookies, cakes, crackers and I made banana bread. Steve also relabeled a bottle of whiskey to read whisk-tea. He’s a clever boy. Emily really created a lovely evening for all of us. Here’s to trying and leaning new things!

Emily hand picked each piece of this set. All of the cups are hand painted and just beautiful!

Live. Love. Remember.



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Sounds like a fun evening. I like the fish painted in the bottom of the cup.

Melinda added these pithy words on Jul 10 13 at 9:15 pm

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