Denim Days #3

Warming it up in denim.

Striped denim shorts jumper? Yes sir! I saw this little number and prayed it would fit. Guess what? It did. I have a very long torso making one piece jumpers hard for me to wear, but this lovely get up happened to work out swimmingly! This outfit is perfect for a shopping day and lunch with friends or even out to the beach. You Gotta get yourself a denim jumper!

Live. Love. Remember.






























































































Jumper: Current Elliott, Heels: Sabine Thrifted, Bracelet $48 and Necklace $68: Special

Denim Days #2

Denim do’s

Do wear a denim jumpsuit. Do rock it like it’s hot. Do pair your denim with some sick heels. Do go out on the town and show em how it’s done.

Live. Love. Remember.












































































Jumpsuit: Vintage, Heels: BCBG Thrifted, Sunglasses: Vintage, Bracelet and Necklace: Special $48 & $68

Denim Days

Denim Days are here.

I love me some denim. I Pretty much wear it everyday in some shape or form. It’s comfy, cozy, tough and sexy. It’s really the perfect fabric. I have it in pants, shorts, dresses, skits, shirts, shoes, jackets, vests and much more. To show my true love for denim I shall be posting my favorite denim looks and pairing them with my new jewels that are up on Etsy right now!

I hope I inspire you to get your denim on!

Live. Love. Remember.












































































Dress: Thrifted, Vest: Thrifted, Hat Thrifted, Shoes: Vintage, Necklace: Special $68


Jewels Galore




























New on Etsy! Any Many More…….

Live. Love. Remember.


Tea Party

Tea Time!

Steve and I were invited to a lovely tea party last night at his coworker Emily’s house. She just came back from a work trip in China and wanted to share with us her new tea and tea set. Emily is originally from China so she taught us all sorts of fun tips. First off everything in this tea set was much smaller than we would normally use and tea time was much slower . We just want to get the biggest size and in the quickest way here, but in China tea is very special and lasts for hours. Emily taught us how we should hold our cups, smell the tea and drink the tea, and to look at it’s clarity. The service was in the Kung Fu style and we tried a mellow hydrating green tea, a royal black tea and a golden fancy black tea. She had all sorts of Chinese snacks: tea flavored pumpkin seeds, black peanuts, milk covered gummy candy, sweet pork cookies and spicy tofu jerky. The guests also brought a few treats too: cookies, cakes, crackers and I made banana bread. Steve also relabeled a bottle of whiskey to read whisk-tea. He’s a clever boy. Emily really created a lovely evening for all of us. Here’s to trying and leaning new things!

Emily hand picked each piece of this set. All of the cups are hand painted and just beautiful!

Live. Love. Remember.



Almost A Year

Well we have almost been here a year.

What??? How did this year fly by so fast. We have had so many new adventures and fun times in our new Santa B home. Leaving Portland was a huge move for us, but I’m grateful for the challenge and the blessings the relocation has brought. As I was uploading photos I came across pictures from our first trip here. I thought it might be fun to throw those up today. To new adventures!

Live. Love. Remember.


The Long Weekend

I hope your weekend was wicked.

We sure had a fun long weekend. Our friends B & J came up from Long Beach to stay with us. For the 4th we BBQed, fireworked and drank. It was a successful first 4th in Santa Barbara. Yeah! Friday we lunched on strip mall Mexican food, because Steve only has an hour for lunch and we were in Goleta. Meh, we probably won’t go back there. We also did some wine tasting at Muni and ate dinner at Jane. Jane is definitely one of the best places in town! We spent Saturday in Solvang. Danish Town! Solvang is about 40 minutes north of Santa B. It’s such a cute little theme town. We drank beer, ate pastries and window shopped, and yes Steve tried on giant wooden clogs. Sunday Steve and I did the Santa Barbara art walk. We had never done that before. It’s very arts and craftsy. It was just nice to be together. Overall it looks like all we do is eat and drink, but nothing wrong with that.

Now commence with the photo montage.

Live. Love. Remember.



First group of photos from the 4th. Mr. Moggs showing his freedom pride. Me in vintage sandals and a thrifted J.Crew skirt.

Second group from the 6th in Solvang. Me wearing a vintage pineapple dress, vintage denim vest and thrifted Swedish Hasbeens. Swedish clogs in Danish town: naughty. Steve’s look rasta meets army meets space meets surfer bro. Kitty clocks, pained horses and of course i’m gonna go in a store with an everything is $1.99 sign. Perhaps our faces too up close and personal and yes I did eat that cream puff.

Third group of photos from sunday in SB. Me wearing a Prabal Gurung for Target via Goodwill, Melissa for Forever 21 jelly sandals and vintage purse. A creepy painting trying to grab me and Steve must smoke out of a giant pipe. Different day same outfit, but Teva sandals.

Going To Brunch


OK, I think brunch is just a fun way of saying: lazy girls breakfast, but perhaps that’s just perfect for me. My new friend Ali hit me up for a girls day, and of course I was game. It just so happens that Wednesday’s are $2 rack days at my favorite thrift spot’s; so we made our way through the gamut. Ali  shared that she gets a little intimidated by the whole thrifting scene, but she did great! We found her 2 pairs of great pants, one being All Saints for only $4, and a really cute oversized denim jacket. Scores! I also did well, per usual. One special find was a pair of lacy Valentino flats for $5. Amaze! I also found a few cute summer tops on the $2 rack, shorts, and a lucky for me this skirt did not fit Ali find, a BCBG bandage skirt. If I can’t afford a Herve Leger I will settle for Max’s brand. He designs both anyway. We also popped by the office where both our husbands work and gave a howdy do. Everyone there is so nice, and they happen to have Margaritas, and Steve just got in the shoes I ordered. Yeah! More shoes! Well, I must say I had a lovely day.

I hope your 4th is amazing! Filled with fireworks, drinks, good food and friends!

P.S. This is Snorks cameo post. She was curled up asleep on the chair as I took photos. What a puffball!

Live. Love. Remember.


Jeans: Thrifted levis, Top: Thrifted FCUK, Boots: Topshop super sale, Hair clips, Bracelet and Necklace: Special, Cat: Snorkel (not for sale)

Getting Stuff Done

We all have to get stuff done.

The things we put off, but have to do. Well Tuesday was one of those days. You know, coffee, banking, pharmacy, etc. But what to wear? Well, it’s hot out for one, and I certainly don’t want to wear a wool cape, even though I found and amazing one at Goodwill, but it will have to wait for Fall/Winter, so a denim skirt seemed like the right choice. I topped it off with a wide, cropped, short sleeve sweatshirt thing. Not sure how I feel about its ability to flatter my figure, but it’s comfy none the less. By the way I don’t usually equate comfy with awesome fashion sense. You know when someone says ” those shoes look comfy.” They are not saying ” those shoes are so hot and make your legs look a mile long.” Anyhoo, I finished the look with spiky slides and some silver rockerish jewels from my collection. The look seemed to do the trick. I was able to get my errands done with minimal wardrobe malfunctions. You are definitely not gonna have a nip slip with 2 yards of sweatshirt material covering your chest, but the croppyness of the top did make me feel a bit like Honey Boo Boo at times. A dollar does not make me holler, but it does get me half way to my morning coffee.

I hope you too can get your errands done in style or comfort. Whatever you choose.

P.S. Mr. Meoggie makes some sweet cameos.

Till we meet again! Let me know your thoughts!

Live. Love. Remember.


Top and Skirt: Thrifted, Necklace and Earrings: (old) Special


The New Old Me

I’m back again.

So if you have followed me at all over the years you have probably noticed my business and my life has changed quite a bit. I have gone from selling my jewels exclusively through one company, loosing my mommy, opening a store of my own, starting my blog, closing my store,  stopping my blog, selling wholesale, continuing my blog, moving away from Portland to sunny Santa Barbara, dealing with depression, stopping my blog, getting help, finding yoga, still selling wholesale and back to this blog. Whoo and breathe.

I have often tried to figure out what is my purpose for blogging. I love to read fashion blogs, but maybe I don’t love being a fashion blogger. Or whatever fashion blogger means. I’m not invited to fashion parties or collaborating with brands or fancy things like that. I’m not getting paid to write this stuff, but it is promotion for my  jewelery business, so there’s that. But I do know I love fashion, and sharing my escapades of thrifting, DIYing and of course making jewels. A dear friend told me how she saw my blog. Basically she told me I did a good job at showing people how to wear my creations with any clothing option and no one else does that; I guess I never thought of it that way. My posts help people see how they can be anyone and wear anything they want, and can slap on my jewels too.

I want this to be a place to showcase my creations, but also a place where I can share the real me. The goofy, fun and not always sure me. I have been through many hard times in my life, but more than not my life has been amazing and has always been blessed. I  appreciate  your support and loving me through my ups and downs. I want to continue to create beautiful pieces for women to feel lovely in. I want to continue sharing photos of my crazy outfits. I also would love to hear from you. Blogging can be isolating if you don’t connect  with your readers. Please leave your comments!

P.S. I’m dark blonde now. Hee Hee!

Thank you!

Live. Love. Remember.


Overalls: Levis, Top: Thrifted, Necklace and Earrings: (old) Special