Hey there Special Portland jewelry fans,

I just wanted to put up a couple of photos of current items I have in-stock. The broaches are a new thing for me, and I think their so cute. I need to steal one for myself before they are all gone.

The ornate silver plaque earrings are my best sellers. Each pair has different vintage buttons, and they are so light.

The long sparklers are to die for. I love crazy big earrings and these fit the bill. They come in four colors: clear, red, green and hot pink (not shown).

P.S. all these styles are super limited edition. So if you love something let me know and we will get it to you before they sell out.

Have a lovely week, and I hope its filled with dreams of new jewelry. That’s what I will be doing.

Live. Love. Remember.



Photos by me:

Broaches $28

Vintage Plaque earrings $28

Long Sparkler earrings $38

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