Aren’t you plaid to see me?

OK, sorry bad joke. As you may already know I love all things plaid. Since I stole my first 2xl flannel shirt from my dad I knew I was hooked. It’s a classic print reborn every season. You can go preppy, grungy or just cozy, but one things for sure your gonna look great!

I just watched Clueless over the weekend, and it brought back so many awesome memories from the early 90’s and when my love for plaid began. I remember wearing plaid skirts, knee highs and mary janes. I also had a giggle at the classic lines from the movie, and I must listen to “Rolling With The Homies” soon.

I also love the whole grunge resurgence happening. Oversized flannels, overalls and dark lips. I definitely don’t listen to much Nirvana these days, but I may just have to sneak some into my playlist.

The 90’s is also when I first started thrifting. Grunge was my gateway drug. There used to be this amazing store in Portland called The Big Bang Annex.You had to go up a long staircase on a downtown side street and at the top was Heaven. A stairway to Heaven if you will. It was a huge store filled with vintage goodies. Rooms and rooms. Racks and racks. All filled with glorious vintage clothes. I purchased one of my all time favorite sweaters there. A 70’s mauve, striped and hooded number. I wore it all the time with very holey Levis and classic styled Pumas. Oh 90’s and your laid back fashion. I miss you. I am going to channel some 90’s inspiration this week. So get ready to get in the fashion mosh pit.

P.S. I was once kicked in the head in the mosh pit at a Nirvana concert. Just saying. I’m legit.

Live. Love. Remember.


Clueless Fashion

Photo Adorable Cher and her amazing suits!

Photo Shorts skirts and awesome stockings.


Photo Closet Heaven


Photo Boho Grunge.

Post image for Poll: Are You Rad For Plaid?

Photo Perfect hair and scarf.


Photo I want all these things.

My look: Thrifted Eddie Bauer dress, Vintage cheer sweater, Vintage Brass Plum flats, Tracy Reese belt, Vintage brooch, Special Portland earrings.


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Really liked the grass texture icons and also the furry coshiun icons Love icons, I’ll use them a lot for my folders on my computer, to keep me organised. But great for websites too of course. Thanks for sharing.

Rajib added these pithy words on Oct 28 15 at 4:39 pm

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