OK, I think brunch is just a fun way of saying: lazy girls breakfast, but perhaps that’s just perfect for me. My new friend Ali hit me up for a girls day, and of course I was game. It just so happens that Wednesday’s are $2 rack days at my favorite thrift spot’s; so we made our way through the gamut. Ali ¬†shared that she gets a little intimidated by the whole thrifting scene, but she did great! We found her 2 pairs of great pants, one being All Saints for only $4, and a really cute oversized denim jacket. Scores! I also did well, per usual. One special find was a pair of lacy Valentino flats for $5. Amaze! I also found a few cute summer tops on the $2 rack, shorts, and a lucky for me this skirt did not fit Ali find, a BCBG bandage skirt. If I can’t afford a Herve Leger I will settle for Max’s brand. He designs both anyway. We also popped by the office where both our husbands work and gave a howdy do. Everyone there is so nice, and they happen to have Margaritas, and Steve just got in the shoes I ordered. Yeah! More shoes! Well, I must say I had a lovely day.

I hope your 4th is amazing! Filled with fireworks, drinks, good food and friends!

P.S. This is Snorks cameo post. She was curled up asleep on the chair as I took photos. What a puffball!

Live. Love. Remember.


Jeans: Thrifted levis, Top: Thrifted FCUK, Boots: Topshop super sale, Hair clips, Bracelet and Necklace: Special, Cat: Snorkel (not for sale)

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Such fun stories!

Kirsten added these pithy words on Jul 04 13 at 10:12 pm

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