I have donated 100 gift-wrap packs to the Crafty Wonderland gift bags, and I have 200 packs to give as gift with purchase for Crafty as well. These gift-wrap packs are perfect for wrapping jewelry or other small gifts.  I have custom made these  kits to be an easy DIY project for you to do at home.

Here are the instructions:

First put your gift into the paper bag.

Fold the bag in half.

Take the strip of blue floral paper and tape it around the middle. Be sure to tape it on the back side of the bag.

Take the copper paper circle and place a tape round on the back.

Stick the paper circle on the blue paper as a seal on the back of the gift.

Now to make the gift tag.

Take the blue ribbon and fold it in half and tape it to the back of the large blue paper circle.

Take the blue triangle paper clip and slide it onto the blue circle and attach it to the top of the paper bag.

Now you can write a name and a note on the tag.

Yeah your Done!

Supplies were purchased at:

Office Depot

Paper Zone


Cash and Carry

I hope to see you at Crafty Wonderland.

Live. Love. Remember.


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Actually, I want to order a caaoltgue from Havel’s Sewing. There was a link to order a caaoltgue and to receive free scissors. I tried it and it came up that Havel did not service that zip code. Can you help me. Thank you, Sara.

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