Hippy chic!

Sometimes I just wanna go a little bit hippy. I love me some old Levis and a floppy hat. I happened to score these Birkenstocks on Ebay recently, and why not top it off with a crop top. I’m sure there are many reasons why not to top it off with a crop top, but I did, so there. I’m pretty sure I need to go see and outdoor show in this ensemble. Dance with my arms all up in the air like no ones watching, but for sure someones watching. I mean how great is it to watch hippies dancing? It’s like a free sideshow during the main attraction. A girl can dream!

Go get your hippy on!

Live. Love. Remember.





























































Hat: Thrifted, Levis: Thrifted, Tank: Thrifted, Birkenstocks: Ebay, Necklace $68: Special


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