Lookbook sneak peek.

Here they are. Some of the photos we shot for Special’s up coming lookbook. Steve and I had a fun time figuring out how we wanted to shoot everything. I must say we work well together. I guess that’s why we have been married for 10 years.

We shot at the butterfly sanctuary near the beach. I wanted to shoot forest and beach scenes for an organic feel. I had to change between the groups of people walking by. They definitely were curious to what we were up to. ┬áMost people there are wearing workout gear not dresses and high heels. Let’s just say I stood out a bit. Overall the shoot was really was easy and fun.

You will also see my kitty friend I made. He was just as sweet as can be. He did however get chased up a tree by an unleashed dog. Poor baby! He finally came down unscathed.

We decided for our next shoot we will have an assistant help us out. We had to carry a lot of stuff each time we changed locations. Next time we will be better staffed.

Well I hope you enjoy the preview.

P.S. I added a fun new board on Pinterest. It’s Neverending Story fashions.

Live. Love. Remember.


All jewels are Special Portland pieces made by me.

Shoot styling and modeling done by me.

Photos by Steve.



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