Teva and Special

Heh y’all,

I have teamed up with Teva for March DIY month.

There are photos and a tutorial over on their blog today.

If you want to see me in person or check out my latest designs come down to Lola.


1221 State St.

Santa Barbara, CA





Pop Up Shop Open

Hey all,

I wanted to keep you updated on my Shop Progress. I have Been open a little over a week and it’s going great!

I have a new site with all my goods for sale too.

Live. Love. Remember.


Behind The Scene


OMGzy  guys the pop up shop is only a few weeks away. I’m working my butt off making so many fun items for the shop. I’m going to be giving you sneaky peeks into what is being made and some behind the scenes shots too all month long.

New shop address

1221 State Street Victoria Court

Santa Barbara, CA #14

Opening November 1st

Live. Love. Remember.


Special Pop Up Shop Is On The Way



Local artist and jewelry designer Heather Houser is setting up shop in Santa Barbara for the Holidays. Heather’s brand “Special” will carry handmade goods from local and North West artists including Brown sugar Beach Club kids line, KB By Kirsten Blair graphite organic drawings, Heather Huhn perfume, Appetite’s handmade and printed textiles, bags from Erin T and Drea Frost and much more.  The store will be filled with gifts you won’t see everywhere else and tons of one of a kind gems too. Heather herself creates many different artisan and craft products. The pop up shop will feature her jewelry line, beauty products, hair accessories and artisan goods. Heather replied “ I love to create and share my handiwork with others, and having a retail venue will allow me to bring artists and buyers together in community. I want people to have a tactile and visceral experience when they shop with me and leave with a sense of happiness and belonging.”

My Pop Up Shop is opening so soon. I thought I would write a little info bio to share with you. Check it out below.

Heather relocated to Santa Barbara just over two years ago from Portland Oregon and is making her mark on the local community. She has hosted many trunk shows with Funk Zone tasting rooms and is now ready to take the next step into a Pop up shop.  The pop up shop concept is a way for small artists to have a store front for a limited time without having to commit to a year round location. Heather did however have a shop in Portland for almost two years and has over twelve years of retail management experience. Heather comes from a family of inspiring makers and crafters who were always creating and selling their wares. Heather’s mother was her biggest teacher and supporter. “She taught me how to create from the heart and how to love what I do,” Heather declared. Her mother passed away over six years ago and Heather has taken that lesson of love and creation and made it her passion and livelihood.  Even her business’s tag line reflects her message: Live Love. Remember.


Heather is partnering with Lola, an established Santa Barbara boutique, to share retail space. Special’s jewelry is already featured at Lola and when Heather began looking for temporary retail space it made sense to stay where she already had a customer base. Nicole Green, Lola’s owner made it an easy alliance. “I just love working with Nicole and her store is just so bright and inviting. I couldn’t have wished for a better space”, said Heather. The temporary shop’s home goods, jewelry, kids gifts, men’s effects and art will be the perfect pairing with Lola’s clothing and accessories.


Special will open its doors on November 1st 2014 and will be open through December 24th 2014. Heather will be hosting her grand opening First Thursday November 6th from 11:00 am to 9:00pm. “It will be and all day party”, boasts Heather; “ I want people to come to have fun and get gifts they can feel good about giving.” Special will host shopping events and offer free giftwrap through out the holiday season.

I can’t wait to see all of you at the shop.

Live. Love. Remember.

















You Are Special Just The Way You Are

Welcome everyone!

As I continue to grow my business I want to share with you an important message. You are special just the way you are. Right now as you read this you are a powerful, amazing, valuable person. You need nothing else to complete you. You are who you are no matter what. Be happy to just to be you, enjoy your life, love others and be kind. You are ready right now to live your life to the fullest.

I design jewelry for so many reasons. I love to be creative and physically make a product with my own two hands. It tickles me to use the skills I learned from my mother to make something beautiful. I enjoy making pieces special for customers to love themselves or give as a gift. I want to be in community with other artists and create special showcases for our art. I get to do what I love and share it with you.

My designs are available for wholesale and consignment.


Special Metals: Modern styles with mixed metals and materials

Live Bold: Chunky chains and stones that make a statement

Dainty Love: Simple chains, stones and styles

A Day to Remember: wedding inspired designs

Please inquire to set up an appointment.

Thank You for all the love and support over the years.

Live. Love. Remember.


Sent Out

Here are some lovelies I just sent out to Consign Couture. If you love them and can’t live without them you can message me and I will get them to you stat.  All are $38, made from recycled brass and have handmade sterling silver ear wires.



































All Studded Up

New on Etsy and only $18!



























































Denim Days #6

Hippy chic!

Sometimes I just wanna go a little bit hippy. I love me some old Levis and a floppy hat. I happened to score these Birkenstocks on Ebay recently, and why not top it off with a crop top. I’m sure there are many reasons why not to top it off with a crop top, but I did, so there. I’m pretty sure I need to go see and outdoor show in this ensemble. Dance with my arms all up in the air like no ones watching, but for sure someones watching. I mean how great is it to watch hippies dancing? It’s like a free sideshow during the main attraction. A girl can dream!

Go get your hippy on!

Live. Love. Remember.





























































Hat: Thrifted, Levis: Thrifted, Tank: Thrifted, Birkenstocks: Ebay, Necklace $68: Special


Denim Days #5


Here I go again will the overalls, but they are just too good to pass up. I bleached these babies, that I scored from the $2 rack, into a one of a kind masterpiece. Too bad I completely ripped a huge hole in the butt of them right before I shot these photos. The show must go on! I’m gonna have to do some major surgery on them. Oooooh I may have just had a great idea: to be continued.

Live. Live. Remember.








































































Overalls: Thrifted, Top: Vintage, Sandals: Stuart Weitzman Thrifted

Denim Days #4

Denim Dress!

I picked up this crazy beauty In NYC. The girls and I were heading back to the house so I could catch a plane home, but there was one last vintage shop we had to check out. Well this lovely acid washed dream dress was right inside. I fit like a glove and I got approval from the gals so it was purchased and crammed in my bag just in time to fly the not so friendly skies. Did you know they don’t even give you peanuts for free anymore. Just so ya know.

Acid wash is the new black!

Live. Love. Remember.










































































Dress: Vintage, Glasses: A. J. Morgan, Booties: Costume National Thrifted, Necklace $68 & Bracelets $48 Special